Delhi Public School Society

A Dream Takes Shape…

Pioneering the cause of quality education for the maximum number, the Society’s untiring and consistent efforts have fulfilled the dream of the founders to establish unique institutions, developed on the watchwords: “In Pursuit of Excellence” through its commitment of “Service before Self”. The first school was set up by the Society in 1949. School followed school in rapid succession, and today the Society has grown into a family of 157 schools in different parts of the country and abroad. Through the portals of the old and the new have passed out thousands of its alumni spread all over India and abroad, who have contributed immensely and magnificently to the growth and development of our nation.

Give your child all the answers in life…

Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before the organization, in the process of establishing first-rate schools both in India and abroad, is to maintain and strengthen its momentum of participation, mobilization and action at the global, national and community levels and bridge the gap between theory and practice. An educational programme of universal scope that aims to reach large numbers within a specific timetable, must develop on an effective method of monitoring progress. It is entirely due to this dynamic approach that the DPS Society, over a period of more than five decades, has earned a ‘place of pride’ in the field of education today, making it a veritable platform for Human Resource Development.

Striving for the Best, by the Best

As education lies at the heart of all development, it must extend its reach to the maximum number. It is this involvement of the DPS Society in Universal Education Reconstruction that has made all the difference.

Thus, it may be said that the DPS Society stands today as a ‘matrix’ of networking between state, national and international educational development.

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