Delhi Public School Dhuri is equipped with a computerized library system. The library follows Open Access System. The books are issued and returned through a Bar Coding System. More than 10 thousand books on different subjects, 8 newspapers, 20 magazines and periodicals adorn the shelves of library. All kinds of reference books like dictionaries, encyclopedias and career counseling guides are available for students. The library also provides audio visual CDs on various subjects in order to make the teaching learning process interesting. To inculcate the reading skills, different scholastic activities like reading, meditation, book clubs and book fairs are organized on different occasions like PTMs and Winter Carnivals.

Smart Class Programme

All the class rooms are equipped with e-learning gadgets. Extra marks is installed in the system to make the teaching – learning process easier. New block has a special privilege of having latest touch projectors for the teachers which enables convenience and effectiveness. More and more modules are added each year.

Medical Clinic

Keeping in mind the health of our students and the importance of medical aid, the school has a separate medical/restroom with a full time qualified nurse.

The school also has an agreement with nearby hospitals to provide immediate treatment in case of emergencies. Also, the cafeteria menu offers only healthy options, including green vegetables and no junk food is allowed.

Co-Curricular Activities

In order to provide more time to our students for co-curricular activities in the school and to help them achieve a certain level of proficiency in a discipline/ activity, the school conducts different competitions throughout the year.

Harmony Hall

A special hall is marked for the rehearsals of all extra activities like dance drama, assembly. A venue for all the indoor functions seminars, get together and counseling sessions. The background of the stage is adorned with a very inspiring theme through median of murals.

Activity Room

The school houses a colorful activity room equipped with mini-library, soft toys and other resources for students of classes nursery to 2nd to help them achieve an all round education in a children friendly environment. The room with its awe-inspiring backgrounds and colorful furniture of various shapes and sizes is designed to make learning more fun and exciting.

Art Centre

To hone students creativity and aesthetic senses, we have an art hall where each class assembles in the art period. Here art is integrated with other subjects to boost the learning of all. The entire corridor and lobby is utilized by the masters and the students to exhibit their skills in art. Murals, art models, painting, photography all are displayed in this area.

Music Room

A special room with all the musical instruments and perfect musical ambience is provided to enhance the skills of the students. Each class has at least one music period in the curriculum to try their hands and voices on it.

Safety & Security

‘Safety first ‘ is the mantra of DPS Dhuri. We believe that a safe environment is imperative for learning. School gates are manned with round the clock security personnel. CCTV cameras are installed at important places in the school for real-time monitoring and surveillance. Fire extinguishers are installed at appropriate places to combat adverse situations. Regular inspections are conducted for checking hygiene and safety provisions. All legal formalities are complied with for smooth operations of the school.

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